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KSC information Group training in Sandviken

Karen Swedish Community Karen Swedish Community (KSC) was formed in Sandviken on July 26, 2005. Since it was formed, KSC has continually held annual meetings yearly. KSC just held the fifth annual meeting in Lindesberg in March 2009.. KSC is a national organization with eight registered local organizations: KSC Storfors, KSC Nässjö, KSCLindesberg, KSC Hudiksvall, KSC Ljusdal, KSC Örebro, KSC Västerås, KSC Sandviken. KSC has more than 250 paid members. KSC encourages and opens for more membership. Everyone who is interested in KSC can be a member! Please support our work by joining KSC. . KSC is dedicated to the best of its members' interest. KSC upholds democracy, equality, gender-balance, and solidarity among its members. KSC is empowered by its local branches and contribution from individual members. The KSC annul meeting is the highest body for decision making processes. As a member, everyone is encouraged to take part in the meeting. . KSC believes that Integration is important for Karen refugees in Sweden. The more people are integrating, the better understanding and appreciation they will have on society. KSC encourages Karen people to integrate more into Swedish society. In order to implement integration projects, KSC needs help from Municipalities and Integration Offices. . Young people in KSC have been active in maintaining Karen culture; such as, Karen Dong Dance and Bamboo Dance. Karen people have rich culture and it is important to share with Swedes in order to create better understanding of each other. KSC acknowledge that it is important to empower Karen women to be more active socially and politically. . KSC is not only a representative organization for Karen people in Sweden, but also deal with Karen issues in Burma. KSC believes that empowering of Karen youth and women are important for building up a civil society. KSC deems that free media is also vital for society because it will encourage more transparency and accountability which we have not seen much so far in Burma. KSC is still young organization however it is trying to be more active in spreading a human right situation of Burma in Sweden, helping Karen people integrated into Swedish society, and trying to help develop a civil society, and free media in Burma. Every comments or suggestions are welcome! .

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